Observation on mobile game play behavior in New York subway

  • Offline: Games that relies on Wi-Fi have no way to invade the underground world unless people are fine with losing the connection anytime anywhere.
  • Single-handed vs. Double-handed operation: Single-handed games win if people have bags in their hands or they have to stand in the train. People who have empty hands or safely in seats don’t have to worry about it.
  • Step-limit vs. Time-limit: Step-limit games are good choices when people are waiting for the train since they don’t need to break the tension that time-limit games create, unless they want to keep awake while waiting hourly during midnight.
  • Highest score vs. Level up&Unlock sth new: People play highest-score type when they don’t want to use their brains but still make progress, and play level-up-and-unlock-something-new type when they do want to use their brains and seem not to waste time.